Is Russia’s Older Population Driving Putin’s Aggression?

This summer I was part of an excellent special edition of International Area Studies Review journal focusing on population and politics. My contribution offered a counterintuitive argument: an older population might make a country more aggressive, not more passive. Here's the abstract: In May 2006, President Vladimir Putin said that Russia’s dire demographics were the… Continue reading Is Russia’s Older Population Driving Putin’s Aggression?

The Sun Hasn’t Set on China

See original post at Recent news of China’s economic slowdown has many American defense analysts predicting the end of the Chinese challenge to U.S. dominance in world affairs. These predictions are based, in part, on China’s rapid population aging and signs of internal political fissures, both of which call into question China’s ability to… Continue reading The Sun Hasn’t Set on China

Global threats exist, but also many demographic opportunities for the U.S.

See original post at Events like the Arab Spring gave birth to a generation of demographic converts in the national security community. Many are now convinced that demography matters because demographers today can clearly show how youthful population profiles in the developing world could lead to conflicts over the next 20 years — a… Continue reading Global threats exist, but also many demographic opportunities for the U.S.

Demography and instability in the developing world

I have a new article out in the Spring 2012 issue of Orbis journal. Here's the abstract: Demography provides a framework for analyzing the effect of population on national security and a tool to assess how demographic trends in the developing world will influence conflict over the next twenty years. Population is connected to national… Continue reading Demography and instability in the developing world

Is population aging really so bad?

I have a chapter in the excellent new edited book, Political Demography: Identity, Institutions, and Conflict. In it I argue that the absence of a theoretical framework within which to structure discussion of population aging has led scholars to underestimate the role of the state in mediating the effects of population. There are plentiful descriptions… Continue reading Is population aging really so bad?