What can the older persons’ lobby learn from the quest for disability rights?

Link to article here and contact me if you'd like a copy. I published an article in the Journal of Human rights that assesses the outcome of the proposed UN Convention on the Rights of Older People (CROP) by comparing its political, economic, and social contexts with those of the 2006 Convention on the Rights… Continue reading What can the older persons’ lobby learn from the quest for disability rights?

Greek financial crisis worsening migration crisis

See original article at The Washington Post here Greece’s problems are many. Thanks to the financial crisis, citizens have endured long ATM lines and shortages in stores. Greece may be the last place in Europe equipped to handle its newest problem: record numbers of migrants, particularly Syrians, arriving daily by boat. Since the beginning of… Continue reading Greek financial crisis worsening migration crisis

Is Russia’s Older Population Driving Putin’s Aggression?

This summer I was part of an excellent special edition of International Area Studies Review journal focusing on population and politics. My contribution offered a counterintuitive argument: an older population might make a country more aggressive, not more passive. Here's the abstract: In May 2006, President Vladimir Putin said that Russia’s dire demographics were the… Continue reading Is Russia’s Older Population Driving Putin’s Aggression?