Teaching Resources

International Relations

The Butter Battle Book, by Dr. Seuss (A Cold War era story about the arms race)

WomanStats database, largest crossnational compilation of data,  statistics, and maps on the status of women worldwide. Organized by country, with over 350 variables for 176 countries.


Great visualization & explanation of population pyramids from US Census

What demographic theory says about regime change in Iran

Representations of disease in the arts:

NOR Selvportrett i spanskesyken, ENG Self-Portrait with the Spanish Flu
Edvard Munch, Self-Portrait with the Spanish Flu, 1919

paintings, novels, etc. 

Donald Duck on the need for family planning (1967) – 10-min video

Population Reference Bureau, World Population Data Sheet

Podcast episodes:

  • “An American Secret,” November 20, 2017, Hidden Brain, NPR
  • “Episode 47: Give Me Your Tired…,” October 11, 2016, Hidden Brain, NPR


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Advising resources

A great goal setting guide for college students

Advising resources for Rhodes College students